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Faeriestorm Nanny Service makes family life easier

By Ellen Hill for Faeriestorm Nanny Service             Photos: David Hill

Race home from work. Pick the kids up from school. Feed them afternoon tea. Get the washing off the line. Supervise homework. Take one child to music lessons, another to soccer training and a third to a play date. Bath the baby. Prepare dinner.

What if a fairy godmother did all that for you and all you had to do was enjoy your children? In your dreams right?


Brenda Edwards and her team at Faeriestorm Nanny Service take the hard work out of your busy life so your family can spend more time focusing on, well, being a family.

Running a household, holding down a job and dedicating time to your kids is hard work,’’ Mrs Edwards (Miss Brenda’’ to her charges) says. “Sometimes it’s even impossible. But we can make it easier.’’

While the central focus of all Faeriestorm nannies is always the children in their care, “our second priority is to make your life a little less stressful’’.

Unlike a babysitter who only looks after the child, a nanny cares about the whole family.

Most nannies conduct light duties around the home such as laundry, meal preparation and tidying depending on their individual skills and the wishes and needs of the family.

The first role is to look after the children: their washing, their learning, their food, their play,’’ Mrs Edwards says.But it’s also about helping parents have uninterrupted bonding time with their children.

“One of my clients needs to have her two boys picked up from school, homework done and a little bit of dinner preparation so that when she comes home she can just enjoy quality time with her boys.

“I’m like an aunty or another grandma.’’

All Faeriestorm nannies have Certificate III in Childcare and first aid certificate qualifications, a working with children check and wear a uniform while working.

Most have children of their own and many have worked in childcare centres.

“It helps if you’ve run a home for the little things – you won’t step over the toys, you’ll ask the children to help pick them up or you will pick them up yourself; you’ll wipe the kitchen counter over; you’ll fold the washing. You won’t have to be asked to do those things.’’

While the service is tailored to each family’s short or long-term needs and nannies are matched to families, honesty, reliability and discretion are paramount in all cases, Mrs Edwards says.

The mother-of-six became a nanny in 2009 and, for two years, worked six days a week, rarely seeing her own family before employing other nannies.

Today, Faeriestorm Nanny Service operates in private homes throughout the Penrith, Blue Mountains and Sydney region with a team of nannies, and can cater for children with special needs.

Nannies are also available to care for individual children or groups when parents attend events such as weddings and parties and for travellers in hotels, especially while parents enjoy evening fine dining experiences or grown up activities such as adventure sports or ghost tours.

Contact Brenda Edwards on 0417 448 318 or at for more information.

  1. Faeriestorm Nanny Service is a commercial client of Deep Hill Media

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