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ELLEN HILL - travel writer, journalist, content creator, communications consultant

An award-winning travel writer and journalist for more than 30 years, Ellen began her career at Reader’s Digest magazine. Her work has since been published throughout regional Australia and in the New Zealand Herald, Sydney Morning Herald, The AgeThe Australian, Australian Financial Review, Australian Traveller, The Daily Telegraph, Traces magazine, The Senior (Travel), NRMA Open Road and more.

Ellen has also earned a reputation among commercial clients and media for generating compelling communications and exciting hosted journalist trips which consistently receive local, national and international media coverage.

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Communications consultant and journalist

DAVID HILL - editorial & commercial photographer

Award-winning former newspaper photojournalist David Hill captured the whole gamut of news reality for 30 years before switching to tourism, heritage and lifestyle photo shoots in 2012.

From behind the lens, he has frozen moments from within a military plane open mid-air, the top of a tree, a gutter, a press pack, atop a toilet block, the back of a motorbike and a camel, and still has the chemical stains to prove his time in the darkroom.

He has photographed rock stars backstage, historic political moments, sport events, global movers & shakers and royalty.

Since 2012, David has focused on tourism, heritage, lifestyle and construction photoshoots, with his work published throughout media and industry around the world.

Editorial and Commercial photographer



Deep Hill Media embraces the new era of media by fusing traditional media storytelling and news gathering with commercial goals of reaching customers/clients and sales conversion.

We create content across a range of publishing opportunities - business to business (B2B), business to customer (B2C), corporate to community (C2C) and media to media (M2M).

We do that through commercial and editorial-style photography, written communications, destination content, journalism (branded and objective) and media relations.


What we do

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