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Combined networking event talks tourism

Tourism-interested businesses, agents, stakeholders and investors in the Blue Mountains, Penrith, Hawkesbury, Wollondilly and Western Sydney International region are invited to a combined networking event to connect and discuss the future on August 23.

Hosted by Blue Mountains Tourism in partnership with Penrith Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Talking Tourism in Western Sydney event will be held at Panthers World of Entertainment.

The main aim was to initiate discussion between businesses large and small as the region prepared for the opening of the new Western Sydney International airport at the end of 2026.

Blue Mountains Tourism president Jason Cronshaw said: ``Our visitors don’t notice – or care about – council boundaries.

``They’re here on holiday for a certain time with a certain budget and certain interests and just want to have fun.

``We’ve got to work out ways to attract them far and wide throughout the region and make it easy for them to get to us or they will filter off elsewhere.’’

The areas had historic connections stretching back to colonial times, as well as natural links through the ``river, mountains, lakes’’ landscape.

It was also a logical broad tourism destination with the major M4, M2, M7, Great Western Hwy, Castlereagh Rd and Bells Line of Rd arterials snaking throughout.

Penrith Chamber president Richard Fox said: ``The region is changing and we’re about to welcome millions of new visitors from around the world through the new Western Sydney International airport.

``We’ll have people visiting us for leisure but also business, education, sport and even health.

``The councils and NSW and Australian Governments are building the infrastructure, but it’s up to business to build the products and relationships that fully take advantage of the opportunity we have been gifted.

``No matter what industry you’re in, tourism is now everybody's business and we’re stronger together.’’

The Talking Tourism for Western Sydney event will be held at Panthers World of Entertainment from 5.30pm to 7.30pm on Wednesday, August 23.

Click HERE to book tickets ($49 pp includes drink on arrival, grazing plates, connections and live music).

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