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Blue Mountains: Majestic setting for Mystic High Tea

Indulge in high tea in the gorgeously refurbished Wintergarden.

Indulge in high tea in the gorgeously refurbished Wintergarden.

By Ellen Hill for Escarpment Group

Tea drinking guests of the Hydro Majestic Hotel can discover “what a day may bring forth’’ when the tealeaves are read at the new Mystic High Tea experience on weekends.

Escarpment Group general manager Ralf Bruegger said: “Tealeaf reading goes along with the quirky activities people remember about the Mark Foy period of the Hydro specifically and the end of the Victorian era in general.

“This is a new attraction we are introducing as part of our continued journey as part of the history of the Greater Blue Mountains region.

The beautiful Wintergarden overlooking the Megalong Valley.

The beautiful Wintergarden overlooking the Megalong Valley.

“Nowhere else in the Blue Mountains can you indulge in a high tea, wander through the halls of history and have your tea leaves read.

“Everything we do here is done with elegance, good taste and fun. Tea leaf readings are a bit of harmless fun that will help re-create the mischievousness of the original `Palace in the wilderness’.’’

Tealeaf reading, or tasseography, is one of the most common divinations or fortune-telling methods. It interprets patterns of tealeaves (or coffee grounds or wine sediments) and will be practiced in the sumptuous Cat’s Alley venue at the world-famous hotel.

Guests may have their tealeaves read in the dramatic setting of Cat’s Alley after indulging in high tea in the Wintergarden.

The activity involving “the cup that cheers but not inebriates’’ represents refinement, prestige and vogue, just like the exquisitely refurbished Hydro Majestic Hotel.

Continuing with traditional practice, the Hydro Mystic High Tea readings will be conducted only by women, considered to hold the qualities of peace, comfort, and refinement, which will be epitomised in the forms of Juliette Frederick and Sophia Helene at the Hydro.

High tea is served in the Wintergarden, while tealeaf reading is conducted in Cat’s Alley at the Hydro Majestic Hotel, Great Western Hwy, Medlow Bath, from 12pm to 4pm every Saturday and Sunday. Cost: $40pp after normal high tea costs. Go to for more information.

Retire to the dramatic setting of the famous Cat's Alley for a tealeaf reading.

Retire to the dramatic setting of the famous Cat’s Alley for a tealeaf reading.

Four Steps to Reading Your Tea Leaves by Juliette Frederick


Once your tea is cool enough, begin sipping.

If you are right-handed, lift your cup with your left hand.

If left-handed drink with your right. If ambidextrous reach for your cup, stop and use the other hand.


Now that you are quiet and relaxed, concentrate on the issue foremost in your mind, block out all thoughts and empty your mind.

If there is a stubborn thought that keeps returning, that will be the subject of this reading. Hold that thought. Otherwise, if nothing comes to mind, this will be a general cup reading.


Breathe deeply. Drink your tea, leaving a couple of teaspoons of liquid in the cup. Hold your cup in your hand and give three good swirls clockwise. This will disperse the tea leaves around the inside of the cup. Gently pour out the remaining liquid by turning the teacup over into the saucer.


Put your hand on the upside down cup and wish.

Take 3 breaths before turning your cup over.

Now your reading begins.

Owner of the Hydro Majestic Hotel, the Escarpment Group, is a commercial client of Deep Hill Media

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