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A communications consultant to tourism, lifestyle and heritage businesses in one of the most recognisable destinations on Earth – the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area – since 2012, Ellen Hill has earned a reputation among clients and media for generating concise, compelling communications which consistently receive local, national and international media coverage.

After a 25-year career in journalism, Ellen knows what the media wants, when they want it, how they want it and how to get it to them. Whether to social media followers, existing clients through newsletters or seasoned editors and journalists through media releases and article packages, Ellen identifies and then expertly tells your compelling story to those most valuable to you – your potential customers.


* Deep Hill Media is a proud member of Blue Mountains Tourism (formerly BMATA) and Penrith Valley Chamber of Commerce.


When not crafting communications for high-end clients, Ellen Hill traipses the country with award-winning photojournalist partner David in search of feature stories and travel yarns, usually in a grubby hatchback piled to the ceiling with gear, a lanky teenager and, sometimes, a pampered pet rabbit called Sophie.

An award-winning travel writer, Ellen also specialises in character profiles, history, culture and lifestyle pieces and social issues. High resolution quality images by photojournalist David Hill are standard with every article.

After beginning her career at Reader’s Digest magazine, a 15-year stint at the western Sydney suburban newspaper coalface gave her a unique insight into the tragedies and joys, the failures and achievements, the poverty and decadence of everyday living. From crime and court beats, council meetings and political doorstops to natural and man-made disasters and big-picture long-term environmental issues gave her an unfiltered insight into the lives of ordinary people faced with extraordinary circumstances.

Since then, Ellen has been published in Australian Financial Review, The AustralianAustralian Traveller, Jetstar, Traces, NRMA Open Road and more.


Read examples of her work here:

Beating the blues, Australian Financial Review (March 27, 2020)

They're racing in Binda!, Senior Traveller Magazine (February 2020)

Their true colours, The Australian (December 2019)

Veronica Bunda's jewel in the crown, The Australian (November 2019)

Take in the Red Centre from above in a hot air balloon, Gold Coast Sun (November 2019)

Raw Talent, Blue Mountains Love Harvest food supplement (Spring/Summer 2019)

Reconciliation in trusted hands, Traces history magazine (Vol 5, 2018)

Tahiti looks nice, Central West Lifestyle Magazine, Summer 2018

What's the go with Lithgow?, Open Road (Jan-Feb 2017) Page 1  Page 2  Page 3

Southern Tablelands destination, Travel, The Senior (July 2017)

National Road Transport Hall of Fame, Australian Traveller (Feb-March 2009)

Dining in the Outback Supermarket, Australian Traveller (Feb-March 2010)


Ellen Hill
Communications consultant, Journalist/writer
0422 140 528
David Hill
0401 460 948
Mail: PO Box 406 Springwood  NSW 2777
ABN: 43 099 206 151
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