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HOW do you gauge success? Not by how many dollars in the bank or your fan base, according to the 11 people whose true stories are included in People Like You.

This is not a self-help book, nor is it a book about people who have become rich, famous or powerful, although some have.
This is a collection of true stories about average people, people like you, who have overcome adversity to achieve.
Each person’s overall story is not unique. It’s how they have overcome their hardships and challenges which make them an inspiration to others.
They haven’t allowed their trauma, hardship, disadvantage or disability to define their character. They haven’t blamed anyone else for their hurt. They haven’t used circumstance as an excuse.

These people have taken responsibility for their lives and aren’t afraid to live them. We can all learn from them.

People Like You took more than a year to research and compileand features black and white photography to highlight the point that life has many subtleties.




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